What We Do

The Collinsville Choir Boosters exists to support the needs of the Collinsville Choir program. We support those needs in multiple ways. The main way we provide support is by providing money to the choir when the need arrises. This can be for unexpected expenses (like piano repair, or unexpected transportation costs), or for planned expenses (All-State Jackets, Choir Travel Trips).

How We Make Money

The booster club makes money via two main methods: Fundraisers and Donations. Fundraisers we have run in the past include the High School Homecoming Dance, restaurant fundraisers, Spaghetti Dinners, Boars Head Feast dinner, and many more. We also accept donations from individuals and businesses.

2023-2024 Planned Distribution of Money from Fundraisers

Proceeds from fundraising events will be split between the following:

  1. Booster General Fund (used for general Choir expenses)
  2. General NYC Trip Fund (funds equally distributed toward paying for all students’┬áNYC Choir Trip)
  3. Booster Member Volunteer NYC Trip Fund (funds distributed toward paying for booster volunteers’┬ástudents’ NYC Choir Trip).

The amount distributed between these three areas will vary fundraiser to fundraiser based on the current needs of the choir.

We added the Booster Member Volunteer split this year to encourage people to join the boosters, and to help by volunteering at our events. To qualify for funds from the third item, you must do the following:

  1. Join the Collinsville Choir Boosters for the 2023-2024 school year.
  2. Volunteer at booster events.

Funds will be distributed based on how many hours you work the event. Meaning, if you work a lot of hours, your student will receive a larger share. At some events, students can also volunteer to increase their funding share at our events, as long as their family is a member of the boosters.

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